Peter Mendia team rider

Regarded as one of the top free surfers in the U.S., Peter is known for burying the rail like no other, bone breaking cut backs, and devouring oncoming lips like a madman. A top surfer for 24 years Peter stands out among his peers as a world class athlete. A gifted athlete, Peter played baseball, football, basketball, until he found his true calling… Surfing, this has earned him worldwide recognition.

Big Wave "Dave Hoag" team rider

Big Wave Dave Hoag has had an electric passion for the ocean and wildlife since he was a young boy. At an early age he was fishing, free diving, and surfing all throughout south floridas coastline becoming a seasoned waterman. Hoag has claimed more ESA contest wins than most any indivial combined to date. Known all though the world for his relentless drive boosting airs, carving a mean turn, or setting up for the barrell.

Brandon Murray team rider

Born and raised in South Florida, Brandon Murray grew up riding BMX, motorcross, surfing, skateboarding, and many other extreme sports always charging giving his full potential. As years went on he started surfing hardcore because his mother’s job for a decade was located on Singer Island. Brandon sometimes enters contests even though he’s not much of a competitive surfer,” I just like to surf for fun with my buddy's and have a good time in the water that’s what it’s about! Brandon’s has a style that stands out in the lineup he is known for wicked hacks and boosting insane airs.

Ryan Helm team rider

Helm has been in fine form since transitioning from the ASP World Qualifying Tour to compete as a top rated SUP racer/surfer around the world; as evidenced in his recent multiple division placing. This years event was held March 8-10, 2013 in clean 3-5' surf. Ryan Helm is currently ranked #11 on the WPA World SUP racing circuit (World Paddle Association Tour).